Letting YOu Drown

Im the one who helped you down
Why did you let me drowned
Im the one standing here
Im the one that you found
You’re the one that cut me there	
You’re the one that is blind
You’re the one that left me here 
Do you think that this is right……is this RIIGHHT
Im the one who found you out
Im the one that cried the tears
Im the one that broke it down
Im the walls that hide your fears
You’re the one who ran away
You’re the one that lied that day
You’re the one that let me down
You’re the one that needs to pay… needs to PAAAYY


I cant keep going through 
All this hell you put me through
All I need to be free is to be from your TRAVISTiiEESSsss

Im letting you drowned
Im letting you drowned
Im letting you drowned..yea