You Better Run

You looking at me son ?
You better run, you better run!
You think you know me man? I donít think so!
You playing with me man ? Well think again!
Think again! You think you know me man
I donít think so!

Anger is building
Its twisting and churning, and burning and growing
Its showing, its glowing, exploding, foreboding,
And thereís no place to run!

Controlling, Iím rolling, Iím toking, Iím smoking,
Everything you say, your prodding and poking
All this is wrong so now your done!

(you better run)

(second bridge)
Just leave me alone
Iíll strip your flesh from the bone
You wonít get away, Iíll take you down just the same
My anger you canít realize
Tell my anger cuts you down to size